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The man across the aisle on a flight from Boston had tattoos up and down his arms. A little girl who was coloring in her book asked him if she could finish doing his art project. He laughed while she used her felt tips to decorate his hands.

Tattooed man


On a Philly subway train, people got off at a stop. There was a suitcase inside near the still-open door. A guy called out, “Hey, you forgot your bag”, and quickly put it outside as the doors were just shutting. As the train pulled out, another passenger sitting nearby jumped up and yelled, “No, no. It’s my suitcase!”

British Airways lost a New Zealand woman's extra prosthetic leg that had been checked in baggage. She was on her way to compete in an athletic championships for the disabled.

A besotted passenger on a recent flight between Dallas and Charlotte, pinched a flight attendant’s tush, threw ice at his fellow passengers and locked himself in the john. His destination: the drunk tank.

A California highway cop pulled over a woman who was knitting while driving. As he came alongside, he barked, "Pull over!" She smiled and yelled, "No, they're socks!"

A typically funny Souhwest flight attendant announcement: "As we prepare for takeoff, please make sure your tray tables and seat backs are fully upright in their most uncomfortable position."

A family was on a plane heading for a Christmas holiday in Minnesota, and nearby was a very short husband and wife couple. The boy pointed and said, “Oh, look, Santa’s elves on their way to the North Pole.”

Kids found an octopus on a Marco Island TX beach , and the worried mother warned, “Stay away. He can sting you with his testicles.”

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