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This Season’s Hot Tech Gift: Navigation

(ARA) - The holidays are fast approaching, and you’re probably starting to think about gift ideas for those near and dear to your heart. Whether you’re shopping for a teenager, a college student, a friend, spouse or parent, you can’t go wrong by giving the gift of technology.

In recent years, the hottest gifts have gone mobile. Digital devices such as iPod’s or mp3 players that offer the convenience of on-the-go entertainment. But industry experts are expecting portable navigation devices to be hot sellers this year.

PNDs are the fastest growing electronics category in North America, mainly because millions of consumers have discovered how effective they are at eliminating much of the stress of travel. Getting lost, asking for directions and reading maps are replaced with clear directions from a calm, friendly voice.

As the name implies, the main function of portable navigation is to apply global positioning system technology to help you navigate from where you are to where you want to be. Once a destination is selected, spoken directions accompany visual cues such as an icon that represents your location to turn as you drive your car, ride your bicycle or even if you travel by foot.

PND prices have declined over recent years so a device is an affordable gift for many budget sizes. As prices have dropped, product features have expanded and may include:

* Rich editorial content such as travel guides and restaurant reviews.

* Helpful points of interest such as key landmarks, hotels, ATMs and gas stations.

* The latest road network developments to help you choose the best route to suit your needs.

* Real-time traffic updates.

“Consumer demand for more accurate and intelligent routing is becoming a standard. So much so, in fact, that many navigation devices now utilize traffic services that deliver real-time information about traffic conditions,” explains Howard Hayes, vice president of NAVTEQ Traffic, a leading provider of real-time traffic services. “Today, consumers can count on their PNDs to help them avoid construction zones, to find the best way to get around rush hour traffic when they’re in a hurry, and even to avoid the backups caused by an accident.”

If your friend or loved one already has a PND or a navigation system in their car dashboard, don’t think they wouldn’t still appreciate some other type of travel gift. One idea would be to purchase some updated map content or software for them. NAVTEQ updates its maps regularly. Log on to www.navigation.com to find the software you need.

And here are other travel gift ideas that can double as stocking stuffers:

* Noise-reducing headphones, which not only eliminate traveling noise, but also play your favorite music group.

* Two-way radios to keep caravans together or individual members of your party together when on an excursion.

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