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Replica of Eiffel Tower, Las Vegas
Magnifique Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Right? Wrong! It’s the replica at Paris Resort, Las Vegas

Maybe it isn’t the original, but it is an impressive 3/5th replica of it, the tallest structure in Las Vegas (540 feet), and offers spectacular day and night 360 degree viewing. You can see the glittering city, busy aircraft activity at nearby Las Vegas Airport, surrounding desert and mountains. There’s a glass-paned elevator to take you to the observation deck as well as to the glitzy Eiffel Tower Restaurant.

Except on very windy days, when the tower is closed, it welcomes visitors from 9:30 am to 12:30 after midnight. Ticket prices vary, depending on time of day and night. Senior tickets start at $7, but many Vegas hotels offer half-price or free tickets to guests. Other ticket deals are available for groups.

Of course, Vegas being sensual Vegas and Paris being amorous Paris, the Tower frequently serves as the perfect romantic backdrop for both expected and unexpected proposals (free) and marriages (expensive). Additionally, many long-married couples visit the tower to renew their vows and romantic feelings. Reservations are required, and there are fees for some specially-planned events.

Among other features, the Eiffel Tower can be booked for special dates and holidays. For instance, a December 31st celebration, where the views of city lights are greatly enhanced by massive fireworks. This can make a spectacular of a year’s end and the start of a new one.


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