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Let’s face it. Loooong flights keep you trapped in that aluminum can called an airline seat, especially if you’re flying coach. To fight muscle cramps and other discomfort, next time apply the familiar suggestion: Don’t just sit there; do something!

Every couple of hours, you must walk to the potty in the sky. Use that trip down the aisle to limber up. When in the waiting line, perform simple exercises. Push against a nearby bulkhead to do a minute or two of standing arm stretches. The exercise can relieve tension in shoulders, elbows, wrists and fingers.

Additionally, put hands behind your head, and with elbows out like wings, twist your upper body back and forth as far as you can without strain. Stretch slowly each way for a minute or two to relieve back and neck muscles.

Once you use the bathroom facilities, before leaving, repeat what you just had to do. From a seated position, get up, sit down and get up again several times. It will relieve cramped hips, thighs and knees.

Of course, if a line of desperate passengers impatiently rap on the bathroom door, do exercises quickly. Then adjust clothing, open door, smile innocently and hurry back to your cramped seat. Repeat it all over again every couple of hours while in the sky.


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