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Q: I fly frequently on business, and because most of my meetings happen before noon, red eye is how I go. I can snooze on the flight, and don’t have to pay out $300 for a hotel room I’d only use for a couple of hours. I can then get a same-evening flight home.

My problem on red eye flights is that too often my seatmates or nearby passengers have young kids with them. Of course, the parents have the right to fly at any time, but it seems the kids always cry, jump and make noise while other passengers are trying to sleep.

Worse, whenever I ask the parents to keep the kids quiet, I get lame apologies or or anger. My question is: Should airlines ban small children from red eye flights?

Tom J., Los Angeles CA

A: There will always be little kids on all flights, but there may be ways to make yours a bit less hectic. Some airlines sell seats on overnight flights in sections away from family seats. Check with your travel agent or directly with airlines you fly frequently to reserve one of those peaceful seats.

Another solution is to bring a sleep mask and noise-blocking earphones. To retreat further from unwanted sounds, lights and activities, wear a wrap-around jacket with high collar or hoodie. The ultimate noise-blocker and sleep-inducer is a good shot of wine or liquor before you board your red eye.


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