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1 Q: Coronavirus Fear: Should I Wear Gloves While Traveling? 537
2 Q: Coronavirus Fear: Should I Wear Gloves While Traveling? 325
3 Gripe: Why Do Coach Airline Seats Keep Getting Smaller? 263
4 Q: How Can I Get A Quick Test For Corona Virus? 266
5 Q: Will Taking Vitamins Before Flights Help Avoid Coronavirus? 275
6 Q: Flying To China Soon. How Can We Avoid Sickness? 271
7 Q: New Divorcee: Will Travel Help Me Deal With It? 340
8 Q: What’s My Best Travel Way To Meet Other Singles? 406
9 Q: I’m 6’1”, 235 Lbs & Tired Of Airline Seat Gripes 259
10 Q: Why Do My Feet Always Swell Up & Hurt When I Fly? 335
11 What To Do About Your Aaah-Chooo When In Flight 428
12 Q: Tired Of Flying NYC To DC. How About Taking The Train? 425
13 Q: Why Do I Always Get Very Gassy When Flying? 348
14 Q: Now Retired And Plan To Fly To Philly Family Frequently 519
15 Q: Should We Give Money To Street Beggars And Homeless? 604
16 Q: What's Best For Senior Travelers: Hotel Or Airbnb? 496
17 Q: Are All Travel Ads And Customer Testimonials Fake? 588
18 Help My Aging Mind And Body Cope With Long Flights 451
19 Q: OK To Pin A Fake Helper Badge On My Traveling Dog? 479
20 Q: Is Last Minute Booking Best Way to Get Travel Bargains? 472
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