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1 Q: My Spouse Insists I Tear Up My Driver’s License 15
2 Our Church Club Plans India Trip & I Worry About The Food 40
3 Q: Is Rome The Pickpocket Capital Of Europe? 54
4 Q: Should We Take Our First Trip To Sinful Las Vegas? 56
5 My Tourist Camera Blocked At The Sistine Chapel In Rome 77
6 Q&A: Is It OK To Take Doggy Bag Extras From My Vegas Buffet? 93
7 Q: What’s The Most Economical Way To Experience Las Vegas? 105
8 Q: How Can I Avoid Jet Lag On My 12-Hour Flight To Asia? 86
9 Q: Are Costumed Street Performers Legal In Las Vegas? 135
10 Q: I’m A Lifelong Smoker And Have A Long Flight Scheduled 127
11 Is It OK For Us To Set Up A Home-Swap Arrangement? 147
12 Q: Unwanted Advances In Flight: What Do I Do About It? 113
13 Q: We’re Visiting London And Paris For The First Time And... 155
14 Q&A: Safety For Single Senior Woman Traveling Alone 145
15 Q: Is It Still Worthwhile To Use Travel Agents 149
16 Q: Do Online Travel Sites Really Get You The Best Prices? 174
17 Q: What Do I Do When A Passenger Grabs My Assigned Seat? 224
18 What To Do In Flight If You’re Seated Next To A Groper 213
19 To Dress Up Or Go Casual For Cruise Ship Evening Dining 228
20 Making Travel Decisions: Hotel Room, Hostel Or Airbnb? 239
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