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1 Q: Always Stayed At Hotels, But Friends Urge Us To Try Airbnb 50
2 Q&A: What About Single Senior Women Traveling Alone? 45
3 Q: Are Gay Marriages At Sea Available And Legally Accepted? 54
4 Q: What’s The Best Time Of Year To Visit Machu Picchu? 80
5 Looking For Trump Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame 58
6 Is It Safe For Seniors To Take The Hollywood Walk Of Fame? 85
7 Q: I’m Worried About What To Do If My Hotel Has A Fire 77
8 Q&A: I’m Allergic To Dogs And Encounter Too Many In Airports 93
9 Times Square NYC: How Do I Deal With Costumed Characters? 99
10 Q&A: Always Double Check Your Hotel Bill When Checking Out 99
11 Q&A: Is It OK To Stay Beyond Hotel Check-Out Time? 84
12 Q&A: Discouraging News About Sick Cruise Passengers 102
13 Q&A: How Much Should We Tip Our Hotel Maid? 95
14 Q&A: Best Time To Cross Mexican Border To Tijuana? 89
15 Q&A: We Enjoy Las Vegas Airport Casino. Are There Others? 99
16 Q&A: What’s The Difference Between Non-Stop & Direct Flights? 114
17 Q&A: Advice Sites Fudge Truth By Xing Bad Reviews 110
18 Q&A: Senior New Year's Eve Trip To Broadway. Is It Safe? 130
19 Q&A: Scared Senior Fears First Commercial Airline Flight 125
20 Q&A: Should I Sign Up For A Singles Cruise? 148
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