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1 Q: Do Online Travel Sites Really Get You The Best Prices? 19
2 Q: What Do I Do When A Passenger Grabs My Assigned Seat? 53
3 What To Do In Flight If You’re Seated Next To A Groper 54
4 To Dress Up Or Go Casual For Cruise Ship Evening Dining 56
5 Making Travel Decisions: Hotel Room, Hostel Or Airbnb? 75
6 Q: Just Retired & Ready To Roam. When Is Best Time To Travel? 66
7 Gotta Love Those Las Vegas All You Can Eat Buffets! 69
8 Q: Where Can I Find The Best Reasonably-Priced Cruises? 61
9 Q: What To Do When You’re Booked Into A Dirty Hotel Room 75
10 Q: Is Las Vegas Nickel And Diming Itself Into Oblivion? 86
11 Senior Widow Seriously Considering Singles Cruising 94
12 San Francisco CA: Can I Visit Expensive City On A Budget? 77
13 Q: Is Staying In An Airb&b Better Than At A Hotel? 97
14 Q: Always Stayed At Hotels, But Friends Urge Us To Try Airbnb 171
15 Q&A: What About Single Senior Women Traveling Alone? 138
16 Q: Are Gay Marriages At Sea Available And Legally Accepted? 167
17 Q: What’s The Best Time Of Year To Visit Machu Picchu? 217
18 Looking For Trump Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame 172
19 Is It Safe For Seniors To Take The Hollywood Walk Of Fame? 192
20 Q: I’m Worried About What To Do If My Hotel Has A Fire 183
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