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1 Q: Is It OK These Days To Sightsee In San Francisco? 10
2 Q: Can You Explain Aircraft Boarding And Seating? 23
3 Q: Do We Need Travel Agents In This On-Line Age? 39
4 Q: I’d Like To Honor Dad On 75th Anniversary Of D-Day 39
5 Q: Rent E-Scooters To Get Around Manhattan? 80
6 Q: Why Did Flight Attendants Stop Stowing Our Bags? 63
7 Q: Should We Book A Hotel Or Bnb In London? 68
8 Q: I’m Afraid Of Being Kidnapped While Traveling Abroad 67
9 Senior Tourist Confused About Helping Handicapped Travelers 183
10 Q: Recently Retired, I’m Going On First Las Vegas Adventure 172
11 Q: Tired Of Hotel Prices … Should We Try Private Homes? 172
12 Q: How Can We Be Safer In Our Hotel Room? 71
13 Q: Need A Quick Language Course Before Visiting France? 91
14 Q: OK For Retired Widower To Look For Travel Companion? 85
15 Q: Former Military Woman, Is It OK For Me To Travel Alone? 93
16 Question: Near Age 80 And Will Need Help When I Fly 185
17 Q: OK To Take Mom With Aging Problems On Our Cruise? 107
18 Q: Where Can I Shoot Best Selfies In Las Vegas? 117
19 Invited To A Wedding In Downtown San Francisco 159
20 Q: My Spouse Insists I Tear Up My Driver’s License 133
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