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Two seniors on cruise

Q: I’m a retired insurance company actuary, and last year lost my husband. During 40 years together we sailed on many cruises, and I’m ready to try my first one alone. However, when checking cabin prices, I was told the cost was $1,500 whether for one person or two. It seems unfair for a single person to pay what amounts to double, but that’s the way it is. I’m thinking of finding another person to share my cabin. How do I go about it?

A: First check around with family, former business associates and friends to ask if one will sail and bunk with you. If no takers, offer a young family member to go with you for free. Then, for the $750 you’ll have to pay anyhow, that companion can share your all-inclusive benefits of meals, onboard sports, entertainment and other fun activities.

If that idea isn’t for you, select a specific sailing, call the cruise line and offer to share a cabin with another single who has already signed up and asked to share. Also, to get the same kind of information, check with the hometown or internet travel agency that booked your cruise, and ask if there’s a cabin-sharing deal available. There are frequently other people with the same requests, and after you get some info on each person, then decide on one you believe will be most compatible.

Finally, there are many online sites that offer cabin-sharing deals on a variety of ship sailings. Check out cruisemates.com, frommers.com, fodors.com and cabinmatch.com. And good luck in finding a friendly cabinmate to share an enjoyable cruise together.

Submitted by Lois M., Philadelphia PA


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