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Q: We were high school sweethearts, then lost touch, married others and now we’re both widowed. We recently got in touch again, and soon we were back together with the old spark reignited. We’re both 65+ and retired, and plan to marry this spring. Where do you suggest we honeymoon?

A: Considering your ages, we guess the mirrored-ceiling penthouse honeymoon suite at Caesars Palace may not be the place. Or maybe, if you’re still young at heart and have lots of heartiness for each other, go for it.

We suggest Paris in the spring, the perfect place for lovers of all ages, even those in their 60s who want to remember their sweetheart days. Another idea would be to take a honeymoon cruise to Hawaii, do theaters and dining in New York City, bask on the Mexican Riviera, ride the gondolas in Venice or experience your eternal springtime in Ireland.

Whatever your choice, we wish you long years of happiness, now that you’re together again.


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