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Shampoo bottle

Q: Isn’t it about time the airlines drop some of the sillier restrictions on what we can put in our carry-ons? With detection devices at airports becoming more and more effective, the security people should now be able to tell the difference between a bomb and a little plastic bottle of shampoo. A: Sorry, but the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) still enforces the small bottle bans. We fly frequently, and leave all the banned stuff at home. We rely on those free little hotel bathroom goodies, including shampoos, soaps and body lotions. Some hotels also give out little toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste.

Don’t tell anyone, but when we check out, we take all the freebees with us in our carry-ons. In recent years, we haven’t had any of them confiscated at the security check-in. Whether you bring your own toiletries or pick up freebees from your hotel bathroom, it’s worth a chance to pack them. All that could probably happen is that some super-efficient security guard will give you a dirty look and toss them away.

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