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Q: We’re taking our twin four-year-old grandkids to Walt Disney World later this month. My spouse says he’s looking forward to doing it, but doesn’t think he can handle all the walking and chasing of those very active little boys. He doesn’t want a wheelchair, but would like a scooter so he can get around independently. Are they available at WDW?

A: Sure, there are a bunch of scooter renters in the WDW area. Many will deliver them to your hotel and pick them up when your visit ends. We prefer those with national branches around the country, because they tend to be more reliable. Prices are from $40 to $65 a day, possibly a bit less if rented for a week or more.

One with an Orlando branch is Scootaround, and its rentals include wheelchairs, walkers and various kinds of scooters. Some scooters fold up for vacationers to stash in car trunks while driving around Florida. For more information, go to www.scootaround.com or call 1-888-441-7575.


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