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Q: I have an embarrassing problem. I haven’t flown for years for one reason. I weigh more than 300 pounds, and I fear the airlines will give me grief. The last time I flew was in 2003, and the guy next to me put up such a fuss about my crowding him, the flight attendant moved him to another seat. That was bad enough, but all the other passengers laughed at me.

I’ve been invited to a family wedding on the West Coast. I’d like to go, but I don’t want to be the laughing stock while being stuffed into one of those very narrow airline seats. What should I do?

Submitted by Jayne R., Trenton NJ

A: Just the other day, a very heavy guy flew from Chicago to Vegas on Southwest. When he tried to board the return flight, he was turnd down because of his weight. We don’t know why he was accepted one way, then rejected. Maybe he was allowed to board for the return flight if he was willing to pay for two seats.

In your case, that may be the solution, or you may need to fly first class where the seats are roomier. If you want to go to the family wedding, do your best to make it happen. Before you buy your ticket, call several airlines and ask about their policies on overweight passengers.

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