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Q: We’re flying to Italy next month, and we’re concerned about exchanging dollars for euros. Some say to wait until we arrive in Italy to get the best rate on euros. And, is it OK to use a debit card at an ATM machine in Italy, and how do we get the best exchange rate?

A: If you have a valid credit or debit card, the ATMs in Italy will get you euros. As for exchanging dollars for euros in person, some big airports in the U.S. can do it for you, or before you leave your hometown, you can go to a bank or American Express to make an exchange.

The best exchange rates are usually if you cash in large denomination U.S. bills, and sometimes if you purchase high-priced items by cash or credit card in upscale stores or at some airport duty-free shops. Before you fly, you may want to get the latest euro exchange rates and suggestions from American Express at www.AmericanExpress.com


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