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Q: This is a very personal problem, but I need some advice. My husband and I are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary in Las Vegas. Our kids and grandkids will be there. My husband wants us to go for a big suite, with a private whirlpool spa and all the trimmings. That’s OK, with me, but he says he’ll also insist there’s a ceiling mirror above the bed.

Couple in bed below mirror


In bed, we don’t look at all like we did 40 years ago, and the idea embarrasses me. Worse, while all the other family members will have regular rooms at the hotel, we’re planning to have several receptions and group luncheons in our suite. I fear seeing the ceiling mirror will embarrass our kids and grandkids. How do I solve this problem?

A: Our first reaction is to tell you to, and no offense intended, relax and enjoy it. Maybe you should also be flattered that your husband still thinks of you as young and attractive. However, you may be able to compromise by checking with the hotel front desk. Ask for a suite where the bedroom is separated by a door from the rest of the suite. Then, during the family events, just keep the bedroom door closed. And ... congratulations on your 40th, and may you have many, many more.


Submitted by Mrs. Michael Freidrich, Phila PA

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