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Q: Where do travel agents go when they’re on vacation?

A: Many take advantage of free promotional trips, such as to resorts in Mexico, Hawaii and Florida. Hotels, cruise lines and airlines offer freebees and discounted vacations so that the agents will recommend them to clients.

Additionally, some agents reluctantly spend their own money, and here are answers we received to our question. MLJ of NJ says he goes to New York City to see all the latest Broadway and off-Broadway plays. PRS of CA loves Vegas, the 24-hour town where she can shake the office blues and just have fun.

Grand Canyon


FLC of PA says she never seems to have enough time for her kids, so she takes them to Washington, DC, where they can share history at the Capitol and science at the Smithsonian. RRE of OR takes his kids to Yosemite and the Grand Canyon, where they can hike, camp and enjoy the glorious scenery together.

Travel agents are just like the rest of us. When they can get away from the phones, computers, maps and brochures, they just want to find some place to relax and have some fun ... and especially without bothersome customers around.

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