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Q: When we’re on vacation, we try to book hotel or motel rooms near busy railroad yards. Some friends think we’re nuts, but to us there’s nothing so soothing at night than to hear the tooting, chugging and rattling of trains going by. What are the favorite night sounds of other travelers?

A: We agree. You are nuts, and so are we about train sounds in the night. When we’re in downtown Reno NV, we stay in hotels right next to the railroad yards, and the night sounds lull us to sleep. On the other hand, many people we’ve asked said they prefer hotels or motels right on the ocean front. They like being near surf and rocks, and along with sea gull calls, it all makes heavenly music for them all night long.

Old trains


Others love to fall asleep in hotels in quiet places such as Death Valley CA, where the desert night is absolutely quiet, except for the occasional howl of a lonesome coyote. Some travelers book hotels near bird sanctuaries, or where there’s seasonal flocking, such as at San Juan Capistrano CA, and snooze to the night songs.

A close relative enjoys staying in downtown hotels right in the middle of busy cities, such as New York, Los Angeles, London and San Francisco. He opens all the windows and falls asleep to the soothing melody of fire engines, police sirens, car horns and crowds of night-crawling celebrants.

Whatever your choice in night music/noise, check with your travel agent or hotel staffs before you book a trip to find your ideal sleep-sound havens.

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