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Q: We’re having a family reunion coming up soon in New York City. Because we get to the Big Apple so seldom, we want to take advantage of all the great restaurants, shopping and, most of all, the Broadway theater scene. The problem is 85-year-old Dad. He was born in New York, is a great storyteller and expert on everything in the city. He was always the life of the party everywhere he went.

However, six months ago he suffered a slight stroke. He’s as mentally bright as ever, but can’t do much walking without getting very tired. We want to take him along, but he would keep us back from seeing everything we want. If we have to be with Dad, our visit to Manhattan wouldn’t be much fun for anyone. Should we leave Dad home?

A: Whoever made the suggestion to dump Dad should stay the hell home! Preferably in a dark room with the shades drawn and a bag over his head. Seriously, if Dad says he can handle the trip, have him get a thorough medical check-up. If his doc approves, take Dad along. The solution can be very simple.



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