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Q: I’m a recently retired Navy physical therapist. I spent most of my 30 years in big military hospitals, and now would like to travel. I feel too young (56) to go sit and vegetate in a retirement community. I’m looking for temporary or regular jobs in resorts or aboard cruise ships, so I can combine meaningful work and fun travel. I’m single and have a very good pension, so salary is not a big issue. What do you suggest?

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A: If you’re a member of a PT professional association, check its website about job listings. Additionally, consider putting up a virtual shingle and advertise your history and qualifications through your own website. As a physical therapy professional, you could expand your working horizons to include consulting, training, convention speaking and other travel-related, income-producing services.

There are many websites that offer temporary and permanent PT jobs at locations throughout the world, as well as aboard cruise ships and at large resort facilities. To list just a few: http://www.careerjet.com, monster.com, allhealthcarejobs.com, soliant.com, medhunting.com. And, good luck!

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