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Q: Our parents came from Castro’s Cuba in the 1960s, and all of us were born and educated in Miami, Florida. We don’t feel a strong pull to go back to the old country, but we still have elderly relatives living there. We’d like to visit them, and also try to help financially in any way we can. What’s the latest on U.S. citizens visiting Cuba?

Government building in Havana


A: When running for President last year, Barack Obama said he’d ease restrictions on travel to Cuba. So far it has been just a promise, and the old restrictions are still in force. However, when the President attends the Summit of the Americas gathering with other Caribbean, Central and South American leaders in Trinidad and Tobago, he may announce at least a partial easing of the rules.

That will probably be what you’re seeking: U.S. citizens who wish to visit relatives in Cuba will be permitted to do so. The other bans on trade and diplomatic relations will probably stay in place until mutual cooperation about visitors shows promise.

Meanwhile, check with Cuban-American organizations in Miami, as well as current official position of the U.S. State Department. Before you travel to Cuba, make sure you understand all the rules about financial help to your relatives and other possible restrictions that may still be in place.

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