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Q: Teachers from our school have booked a four-night spring break cruise from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas. There will be about 25 of us, and the all-inclusive price is great, about $300 each, double occupancy. All of the others are bringing spouses, but I’m one of the only two singles, and have been assigned to share a cabin with another woman. My problem is that I'm 55, she ‘s a retired teacher aged at least 80 and very conservative. This is my first cruise, so will I be trapped with this elderly lady while all the others are having fun? Should I cancel?

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A: Of course not. Since you’ve never been on a cruise before, you should know you’ll probably spend about six hours of every 24 in your cabin, and just to sleep. So, when you’re at sea, do whatever you like by yourself or with others in the group. If there’s freestyle dining, you can eat and do anything else you want, with others or alone. If you feel you should be considerate to your older roommate, ask her to join you for a meal, a sun session on deck, a game of shuffleboard, a midnight snack or not at all. Enjoy!

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