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Q: We’re planning to take our grandkids to Walt Disney World in Florida next month. It’s the first time we’ll be with them overnight, actually three days and nights, without their parents. We’re a bit concerned about doing it smoothly. The kids are boys, age 4 and 8, and girl, age 10. What do you suggest?

Cindarella Castle, Walt Disney World


A: Great idea, but first some cautions. A Disney visit is only for people in good health who can handle the heavy physical demands. Please get the parents to give you an honest report on the health of the kids. If there’s any serious question about kids or grandparents staying healthy during flights, hotel stays and busy days at Disney, consider canceling or postponing the trip.

Additionally, if anyone on the trip needs special medications or has other physical concerns, discuss them thoroughly and be sure you’re prepared for those considerations. Also, pack first aid items such as sunscreen, aspirin, band-aids, antibiotics and others.

If necessary, after you’ve checked into the Disney hotel, buy some small bottles of medications for possible bouts of stomach or bowel distress. You can best avoid troubles by monitoring what the kids eat, and keep meals and snacks simple and nutritious.

We have another suggestion. While we strongly recommend that you never let the kids out of your sight, your duties will be a bit easier if you appoint the ten-year-old to be your assistant monitor. If you don’t go on some rides with the kids, she can be in charge of them while you sit outside. You or she should always stand by doors at every potty break at the park and restaurants.

All of that said, Disney parks are among the safest tourist and kid areas in the world, and tight security is all pervasive. However, it can’t be absolutely perfect. When our kids were young, our little three-year-old wandered off and disappeared while we were in a shoulder-to-shoulder crowd at Disney World’s Main Street. We were in a screaming panic for a minute or two, although it seemed like hours, before she wandered back to us.

If you take your responsibilities seriously, but are also determined that you and the kids will have fun together, book the Disney trip. Take along a video and/or still camera and do a lot of shooting. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime for all concerned, and should not to be missed.

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