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Q: Recently I read an article on the Los Angeles Times website about the continuing increase of dogs in airports. They include traveling pets, service dogs and volunteer comfort dogs. Every time I fly these days, I’m surrounded by them, both in airports and aboard flights. My asthma gets so bad I can’t stop sneezing. What can I do about it? MMJ, Portland ME

A: Not much to change the situation. It seems increased crowding, tougher security and other contemporary airport situations encourage more presence of dogs for various reasons. The best way to address your allergy is to have a session with your family physician, and get an effective prescription to ease your allergy.

Take enough medications you can use while being confined at airports and aboard flights where dogs are present. If weather permits, spend as much airport waiting time outside in the fresh air. When your seat is being assigned, tell the online or live airline contact about your medical condition. Ask for seating, usually near the rear the plane, where there are no dogs during the flight.

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