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Q: I just retired, our nest is empty and we’re planning our first ocean cruise. But recently, we’ve been frightened by stories about hundreds of passengers getting sick. Should we change our plans and celebrate at a land resort? ALMcN, Ft. Worth TX

A: Your travel4seniors.com editor has sailed the seas for decades, including Navy duty and post-retirement as a civilian cruise passenger. In all those many years, I was only sick twice, and both times because of bad Navy food. Of course, you could fall ill on a cruise, with anything from seasickness, bad food or fellow passengers who come aboard already carrying the germs that may get to you. Look at the statistics of passenger sickness. You’ll see that even if 100 become ill on a cruise, with the usual number of 4,500 or more aboard, that’s a very small percentage and normal for any land travel activity. If you obey all the usual health and cleanliness rules, the odds that you’ll enjoy a trouble-free cruise are very high. Therefore, make your first post-retirement sailing memorable and trouble free.

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