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Q: Our church is planning a three-day visit to New York City, featuring two nights of dining out, Broadway plays and New Year's Eve celebration. We’d love to sign up, but because of our advanced age and limited mobility, we have fears. We see reports of violent robberies in the park, and street attacks on elderly tourists. Worst of all was the recent terrorist attack in Lower Manhattan. What do you recommend? PLW, Jenkintown PA A: We’re certainly aware of the problems, and they happen in every big city in the world. However, we believe you should go. Just take personal safety precautions. Keep purses and wallets secure, and have a well-charged smartphone on hand for instant emergency use to call police or medical help.

Don’t walk alone, and at night stay in well-lighted areas. If you see costumed characters on the sidewalk, don’t pose for photos with them unless you intend to pay. If approached or solicited by strangers, don’t respond. Just back away until you’re safe, or if the situation continues as a threat, quickly call 911.

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