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Q: I was widowed more than a year ago. Family and friends keep urging me to get back into the social scene. At first, my reaction was very angry, because memories of my late husband were too fresh. However, with an empty nest and growing loneliness, maybe I should take the advice. Many suggest a singles cruise. Will that work for me? Mrs. LRMcM, Chester PA A: Whether widowed, divorced or otherwise alone, one of the most enjoyable ways to meet other senior singles is aboard an ocean cruise. A landlocked singles gathering can be OK, but on a ship you’re all nicely confined to smaller areas where making new acquaintances is much cozier.

A cruise, with the ever-changing views of sea and sky, is also a positive way to try to put the past behind you and start a new life. Do the cruise alone or take a friend, another single senior woman to share the experience.

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