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Q: My friend and I plan a trip to Italy. We’re single, professional women in our 50s, and some of our past experiences concern us. On a trip to Rome several years ago, while visiting the Spanish Steps and Colosseum, we were harassed by aggressive male locals. The same thing happened in Venice and Pisa.

At first, we were flattered at the attention by young men to two middle-aged tourist women. However, we’re concerned that on our upcoming trip the advances could become personal attacks or robbery. That’s especially when we venture out of the hotel at night to go to restaurants. What do you recommend? Ms. LLB, Chicago IL A: The Roman men are famous for hanging around the tourists areas, hoping to make some connections and money from single women. It’s safe enough during the day, but be sure not to travel alone after dark. Also, stay away from side streets.

Always lock your hotel room door during sleep hours, and don’t open it except for identified hotel staff. Also, in Rome and other large cities, don’t rent a car, because finding safe parking spaces, especially at night, is chancy. Finally, have an enjoyable, safe journey!

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