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Q: My partner and I are a gay couple, and we’ve traveled extensively throughout the world. Because we don’t hide our relationship, we frequently have booking problems in countries with strict sex laws, such as China and Russia.

Now we’re planning to join a group trip with some destinations in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia and Egypt. How can we make this a trouble-free experience? PLJ, West Palm Beach FL A: The simplest answer is that you enjoy the trip without worrying about prejudice. Group tours are always welcome for the money they bring to the host nations, and as long as you spend without overtly flaunting your sexual orientation, you’ll be ok.

However, if you're worried about meeting overt prejudice or personal danger, do some research before you sign up for the group trip. Tell the agency about your concerns, and if you don’t get satisfactory responses about the journey, reconsider the Middle Eastern plans and plan a safer, more satisfying alternative.

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