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Q: When I check into a hotel and the clerk tells me the room price, do I accept it or ask for a better rate? ALP, Gettysburg PA

A: You’ve booked the room at a certain price, but you may not have to accept it. In a word: inquire, and maybe your prayers for a better deal will be answered! Of course, there are no room bibles any more, but some preaching to the desk clerk may help. Always try for a lower price. If a member of a senior organization, such as AARP, ask if that gets you a discount. If active or retired military, flashing your ID could result in a lower price.

If your request is refused, then ask to be bumped up at no extra charge. That could get a better view, larger room or suite. On a recent visit to Las Vegas with my spouse, your travel4seniors.com editor told the desk clerk (truthfully) it was our 25th wedding anniversary. We got a top floor suite with it’s own spa tub and fantastic city views, all for the original room price.

Remember: if ye doth not ask, thee shall never know if thou could have succeeded in getting a hell of a hot price or heavenly room in ye inn.

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