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Q: I’m a divorced guy, age 57, but believe I look, act and feel much younger. I’m considering signing up for a two-week cruise from England through Scandinavia and St. Petersburg, Russia. It would cost about 40% less if I cruised with another person. I’d like to find a lady companion to share the expenses, cabin and just maybe, a bed. I’ve seen cruise companion ads on Frommers and other websites, but it seems all the women listed are in their 50s, 60s and 70s. That’s OK, but not for me. I’d prefer one who’s at least 20 years younger than I am.

Cartoon of red-headed woman


A: Who wouldn’t? If you find her, and she has a young friend, let us know and we’ll sign up for the cruise, too. Seriously, we suggest you first search for a cruise companion with friends and family and your own group of acquaintances, such as co-workers, health club members, local bank tellers, teachers, grocery clerks and others. After popping the question, you may be happily surprised with success for signing up a charming traveling companion.

On the other hand, we believe meeting people online is always iffy. Yeah, they post photos and info, but you never know what is fake, or worse, a scam come-on. You can try it, but first respond only to women who live in or near your town. Then arrange to meet in person for a drink, and to size each other up. Then, if all goes well, it’s off to the ocean together.

Good luck in your search for a cabin mate.

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