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Q: I’m planning to take my cat, Mabel, with me on a flight. I have business during the day in downtown Los Angeles, but will be free for five nights. Will it be OK to have Mabel in my room with me? Miriam K., Denver CO

A: First, check with the airline about requirements to take Mabel on the flight. Then, when booking your hotel, ask staff about allowing the cat to be in the room alone during the day. Some hotels forbid it, while others charge a fee for an area in the hotel with cages, feeding, exercising and other visiting pet services.

Another idea is to treat Mabel to several days at a pet resort near your hotel. For example, there’s a worldwide chain, Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa. For locations, costs and other info, go to www.thebarkleypethotel.com

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