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Q: I’m over six feet four, and every time I fly I have trouble when I try to be comfy in my economy seat. I never just jam the seat backward. Before making the adjustment, I inform the passenger behind me. However, I still get everything from angry mumbles to outright complaints. What can I do to avoid trouble when I recline? John P., Albany NY

A: First of all, you have every right to recline in the seat that is designed to adjust to your comfort. However, it is considerate to politely inform the passenger behind you before slamming back into tender knees. When you get complaints, you may adjust the seat back upward a bit to respond.

However, unless you pay for an upgrade to business or first class, the problem won’t go away. In fact, airlines are always looking for ways to make more money by cramming more passengers in. You can expect seating spaces to keep getting smaller and complaints about Lincolnesque you.

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