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Q: We plan to visit Acapulco and Cabo next month. Recent news reports about violence and drug gangs have us concerned. Should we cancel? Theresa B., St. Paul MN

A: Mexico is a beautiful country, only hours by air from cities across the U.S. As news reports blare, some areas of the South of the Border country are sometimes unsafe and plagued with drug violence. However, we find it's still a safe destination for senior tourists. We've traveled there just recently, and never felt threatened nor in any danger. By using common sense and following some basic safety tips, seniors can be safe and enjoy this special country.

Get advice: When planning your trip to Mexico, check with the U.S. State Department travel website for the most current travel warnings or advisories. Check online review sites like tripadvisor to get other travelers’ ongoing experience and advice on safety.

Stay in tourist areas: The Mexican government and business community take tourist safety very seriously. Tourist areas have heavy police and private security presence. Stay in the recommended locations or consider an all-inclusive Mexican resort where you won't have to leave the property.

Use official transportation: It's worthwhile to book airport transfers and daily touring with your hotel to avoid dealing with private cabs or other options. When using a cab or limo, be sure it's licensed.

Act responsibly: Just like you wouldn't get drunk and wander around New York City at 2 AM, don't do it in Mexico. Robberies and other crimes are most likely to happen when traveler senses are numb.

Be especially careful of offers of drugs or sex, as these often lead to tourist victimization. Corruption and bribery are still found in some city police and judicial systems, so it's best to avoid any situations that could be breaking local laws.

Stay in major chain hotels: These familiar-named hotels in popular tourist areas are safe and have added security. Mexico is not the best place to explore small hostels and hotels in out-of-the-way areas.

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