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Q: We’re planning to drive round trip in April from Oakland CA to visit elderly relatives in Cleveland OH. If we flew, with the plane changes, it would take about 14 hours each way and cost about $2,000 round trip. If we drive straight through, our cost for gas and food will be about $500. We hope to make the drive in about 24 hours each way. When we were much younger, we did this kind of cross-country driving several times, but we’re now in our mid-60s. Is it a good idea at our age?

1930s sedan


A: Why not? We know people in their 80s who still do this kind of trip. To make sure your health is OK, maybe get a medical and eye check-up before you go. Also take your car in for a check-up, especially the tires. If you both drive, set a schedule of four-hour shifts. Take a blanket and pillow so one can sack out on the back seat while the other drives. Stay on major highways, and try to make your schedule so that you’re not going through big city areas during drive times of 6-9 am and 4-6 pm. When on gas and pit stops, get out of the car and do some light stretching and arm exercises. And ... have a good and safe trip!

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