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Q: I’m going on my first cruise since my wife passed away five years ago. We sailed together at least once a year through the 80s and 90s. This will be a senior singles cruise and I’m a bit confused. I’ve been told that passengers can wear anything they want, and it isn’t necessary to dress up. When my wife and I cruised, we always took good clothing, and on at least one night, we wore formal clothing. Just to satisfy myself, should I take my tux on this upcoming cruise?

A: It’s true that cruising is much more relaxed these days. However, we sailed on one from Los Angeles to Acapulco just two months ago. For one big dinner aboard, about half the passengers did formal, with women in gowns and men in tuxes. Not many showed up in shorts and sandals, so the old custom is still alive. We suggest you pack your tux or a dark suit for the singles cruise. You’ll feel better when you wear it, and who knows, maybe that certain new shipboard acquaintance will find you fascinating.

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