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Q: I’m a divorced, 66-year-old guy, and recently went on a San Francisco to San Diego senior bus excursion. It was very well planned, and we enjoyed great meals, visiting cities, oceanside towns and Disneyland.

Another passenger was a very good-looking single woman about five years younger than me, who said she had been recently widowed. We hit if off well, and since we both lived in the Oakland area, I asked her for a dinner date after the trip was over. Everything went well until we had finished dessert. Then, she smiled, took out a bunch of papers, and proceeded to give me a life insurance pitch. Up to that point, I liked her very much, but now I’m confused about her motives. Should I date her again? RLJ, Oakland CA

A: If you want opinions from those who’ve experienced similar crass encounters, here they are. Unless she’s a super knock-out in every other respect, you may not want to see her again.

However, if you’re not too offended, try another date and see what happens. Selling insurance is an honest profession, and agents are always trying to make a sale. Listen politely, then make your own sales pitch for getting better acquainted.

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