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Q: We’re going to Las Vegas soon to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. I look forward to the sexy shows, blackjack, slots, buffets and all the other adult glitz.

Trouble is my husband wants to make it a family affair, and insists we invite our kids and six grandkids. I objected, and now everyone’s mad at me. What can I do to make peace in the family, but still have my Vegas vacation? MLL, San Antonio TX A: They don’t call it Sin City for nothing. In a loving way, tell your hubby you desire the time in Vegas to be just you two alone in a hotel suite with all the romantic trimmings. However, emphasize that you also very much want to celebrate your anniversary surrounded by loving kids and grandkids, but at a separate event.

Suggest a site to do the family gathering on a different date in your hometown. Or if there’s travel, make it another time and place more appropriate for kids. Stand your ground on insisting the Vegas tryst is just for the two seasoned lovebirds.

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