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Q: I’m a newly single guy. Still in good physical and financial shape at age 62, I’d like to get my personal life kick-started again. A friend suggested I sign up for a single seniors cruise. Is that a good idea? FMG, West Allis WI

A: The happy stat alone should get you to go. Did you know that passengers on singles cruises average 70 percent women and 30 percent men?  But first, there are some situations you should consider.

Many cruise lines charge the same price for a cabin occupied by just one person. It may be $1,500, where two people pay only $750 each, while a single occupant may be billed for the entire fee. However, to entice singles, some cruises will waive some of that extra charge. You may find sailings where you can be alone in a cabin and pay just 25 percent more.

Another option is to sign up to share a cabin, and the cruise line will match you with another passenger. Of course, once you’re on the high seas, and get really well acquainted with other singles, who knows who’ll share what with whom? 

Senior single cruises are specifically designed to get people to mingle. Mix and match social activities, such as dances, quiz shows, games and shore excursions encourage getting familiar. There may be round-robin dining, where singles move to different tables for each meal, further enhancing the get-acquainted mood.

Unique with cruises, when you’re at sea, you’re sure to share feelings. It’s the “we’re all in this ocean adventure together” mindset, and it greatly enhances friendships and warmer relationships.

To get started, click into websites for cruise lines and online travel agencies, and look for single senior cruise offers. You’ll be surprised with the number, variety and quality. So, what the heck are you waiting for? Go for it!


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