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Q: I know you’re a travel website, not a lonely hearts club, but I have a problem that could involve both. I’m a 56-year-old male university prof and have been widowed for five years. There’s a woman prof in our department who's divorced. She’s been a great friend and colleague for a long time, but now I’d like to establish a deeper relationship.

She’s a fan of Elderhostel programs, and takes one or two every summer. Here’s my idea. If I invite myself to join her on a trip this year, or suggest one we can take together, do you think it can help us get closer?

Lonesome Prof, Boston, MA:

Grand Canyon 2


A: Go for it, Lonesome! First you find out what sort of Elderhostel programs she prefers. Don’t be shy. Ask her now, before she books a program that doesn’t appeal to you. Take the initiative and suggest something you’d both enjoy.

For instance, if she’s a history buff, you could suggest Philly or Gettysburg PA. If she’s into prehistoric rocks and nature’s beauty, Grand Canyon AZ could be her preference. If she wants to experience another kind of rock, an Elderhostel music program in Memphis or New Orleans could appeal to her. If she prefers current entertainment, Broadway or Hollywood could be your destination.

Elderhostel has hundreds of programs, not only in the US, but throughout the world. Check into elderhostel.org to learn all about this great organization for seniors, even those looking for love in all the right places.

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