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I’ve been smoking for more than 50 years, and still enjoy it. However, recently I’ve found more and more of my travel destinations have become totally non-smoking. How can I deal with all the restrictions in flights, hotels, cruise ships and just about everywhere else? PJC, Atlanta GA

A: First of all, if you’ve been a smoker for so many years, and still alive ... congratulations! Seriously, the simplest situation for travel, as well as for your health, is just quit. Or at least start gradually to break the addiction by limiting yourself to a few smokes in places where it’s still permitted.

One of most effective ways to end smoking is to check with your doctor and set up an effective program. However, if you insist on puffing on your travels, just follow the rules to find smoking-permitted areas. Be sure to respect other adults and kids where smoking is totally banned.

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