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Q: My spouse and I are both seasoned campers and backpackers. Since retirement a decade ago, we’ve roamed Europe and Asia, enjoying every moment. Unfortunately, now both are limited by recent age-related slow-downs. We want to hit the road again, but how to we find out if that road will be safe for us? TRL, Buffalo NY

A: Considering your enthusiasm for travel, you should plan future trips to adapt to any physical limitations. Of course, you won’t be able to climb Mount Everest nor Machu Picchu, but there are many adventures still out there.

First, check updates on websites that specialize in individual and/or group travel for the physically challenged. Try myhandicap.com, abilityfirst.org, travel.aarp, roadscholar.org, flyingwheelstravel.com, accomable.com and many others. After you’ve made a tentative choice or two for a venture based on your physical abilities, talk it over with your family physician. If approved, review all requirements, including meds you must have with you, and for possible emergency on-the-road contacts.

One more bit of advice: consider travel buddies. Inviting along one or more fit, younger adult or teen family members can be both a safety benefit for the physically-challenged couple, as well as a free vacation for your companions.

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