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We’re booked for a big luxurious new cruise ship. We expect to pay a fixed amount for our cabin, dining, entertainment and all the other inclusive features. What about tipping those who serve us aboard? LMR, Santa Fe NM

A: Before you sail, talk with your travel agent and/or the cruise line about tipping. To make it most convenient, you may be offered a deal where a specific one-time amount is added to your bill to cover all tips. It could include your cabin steward, bartenders, waiters and all other service people. However, be aware that working on a cruise ship requires long work schedules, often as much as 16 hours a day. Additionally, because most cruise lines are not required to follow American labor laws, the service crew pay is minimum, often as low as land-based fast food restaurants. Unfairly or not, the cruise lines expect service workers to supplement their income with tips.

We recommend that you opt to tip individuals aboard when you experience superior service. This could happen in your cabin, at the pool, entertainment, while dining or at the bar.

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