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Q: My widowed sister retires next month. When I asked her how she wants to celebrate, she said she’d love a bachelorette weekend in Vegas. What do you suggest?  PBL, Boston MA

A: Did you see Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline and Robert De Niro in the recent movie, “Last Vegas”? It’s about older bachelors’ reunion adventures in Sin City. Of course, senior women can enjoy the same fun activities. Some brief suggestions:

Do It Mid-Week: Compare weekend vs weekday airline, hotel, club, restaurant and entertainment prices. You’ll find mid-week visits are much more economical. Additionally, Las Vegas is less crowded then, allowing easier entry into all Sin City has to offer.

For The Ladies: Look to attend entertainment that caters to women, such as those featuring male dancers, comediennes, traditional singers and others your sister would enjoy. Also, by Email or phone in advance, contact hotel, club and/or restaurant management. Set up retirement cake, decor, special announcements and other surprises for your honoree.

Make Old And New Memories: Be visually creative before you go. Gather copies of old videos and photos from family scrapbooks and make a DVD. At the Vegas event, project it large on a screen or wall. Also, throughout your visit, use a smartphone or camera to shoot video and/or still photos to capture the entire Sin City experience. Make up a post-visit DVD and/or photo scrapbook to present to your sister to preserve the memories of that special time together.


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