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We’re post-World War II baby boomers and are happy to join the ranks of the newly retired. We want to check off travel bucket lists by doing everything we dreamed about during our long working years. What do you suggest? PLJ, Harrisburg PA

A: Today, more than any other time in history, cruise options are almost limitless. Costs range from a $200 weekend cruise on up to a forever ownership of an on-board luxury condo on a round-the-world ship that can cost millions.

Although the condo afloat would be wonderful for a retired oil executive or rock star, most new retirees would be content to celebrate the occasion with just a cruise or two a year. Therefore, if that’s your choice, just how would you enjoy your retirement cruise? If it will be your first sailing, make it less intimidating by signing up with a group cruise organized by your church, club, college alumni or veterans association. In that way, the unfamiliar experience will be easier to take. Surrounded by friendly faces, you’ll enjoy both the cruise experience and familiar companions.

Book a cruise that will visit destinations you’ve always wanted to see. Choose the Hawaiian Islands for the great beaches and tropical weather. A cruise of coastal France where the itinerary includes Riviera ports at Nice, Cannes and Monte Carlo could satisfy yearnings you’ve had about those colorful places for years. 

If you’ll enter your retirement years alone, there are many choices of singles cruises. Some include seniors with other passengers, while others are strictly for single seniors. By joining a singles cruise, you’ll meet compatible people and possibly make new friends who’ll help your retirement years be more enjoyable.

Many cruises promote themes, series of onboard programs related to a specific subject. For instance, music of your favorite era. Cruises that feature music of the 1940s will have a band aboard that plays familiar tunes from that era. Additionally, there could be videos, movies and lectures about the music. Similar theme cruises offer history, art, ecology and learning experiences, such as the elements of a new language.

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