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Q: We’ve been having annual local reunions of Navy mates who served on our aircraft carrier during the Vietnam War. Coming up this September is our 50th anniversary since we were there, and I want to make it the best ever. What do you recommend? PBMcH, Master Chief Yeoman (Retired), San Diego CA

A: We suggest Las Vegas. It has been one of the most popular veterans’ reunion destinations since the 1950s. For a recent example, at one of the posh resorts on The Strip, the Navy crew of a cruiser that was on station during the Korean War recently enjoyed their 65th celebration.

At a downtown hotel, a dozen grizzled World War II Marine vets just toasted the 70th anniversary of their experiences at Iwo Jima. In a nearby ballroom, very senior Army vets celebrated their 1945 victory in the Philippines that ended WWII.

Las Vegas resorts offer great meeting facilities and accommodations, as well as top music, pubs, spas, pools, dining, casinos and everything else to make the 50th reunion your most successful. For some laughs and inspiration for your plans, see the 2013 reunion movie, Last Vegas, starring Academy Award winners Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline.


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