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My spouse and I have scheduled our first Vegas vacation. The great price deal our travel agent got us includes three free daily buffets at the hotel. We love to eat, and both are a bit overweight. Our doctor and family have warned us to go easy with the limitless food. What can you suggest? LMK, San Antonio TX

A: First of all, don’t deny yourselves a fun time in Sin City. You can always go back to the diet when you’re back home again. Eat all you want, but eat smart. Most Vegas buffets include all kinds of non-fattening foods, such as salads, vegetables, low-fat meats and seafood. Fill up on those, followed by fresh fruits for dessert. Of course, the temptations will be too strong to keep from grabbing some ice cream, custard, pie and cake. So, reward yourselves with some modest cheating. Even when you can’t resist and eat too much, there are ways you can make up for it.

First, take your time. Even though Vegas is all hustle and bustle, especially at buffets, slow down and enjoy each meal for 45 minutes or more. Then, after you drag your satisfied bodies away from the table (and gambling tables), work it off.

Do at least two 30-minute exercise schedules per day, including brisk jogs, walks, swims, spas and/or gyms. If your hotel is on Las Vegas Boulevard, there are many daytime sights to see while you trot by. If you’re downtown at night, enjoy the enormous overhead video and music displays as you dash along Fremont Street.

Enjoy your free Vegas buffets as much as you like, but compensate your over-indulged bodies with sensible exercise.

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