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Q: I retired almost a year ago and not enjoying it. Going from 40 years of working every day to just sitting around is driving me nuts. A friend told me the best thing to solve my problem is just get up off my butt and travel. What do you have to say about it? JKMcC, Pittsburgh PA

A: Your pal is absolutely right! That restless feeling is normal, because you went suddenly from a full daily routine into a do-nothing lifestyle. The solution is to start a regular activity that requires planning, meeting schedules and seeing new sights. In other words, you should really get off your butt and venture out into the world. If you’re uncertain, make the first trips just overnights. Go to New York and/or Philly. See some live theater, tour historic sites, attend a major sports event and dine in upscale restaurants. Then, if that gets your wanderlust started, take some longer trips, such as cruises, group tours and resort weeks.

Another way to get busy again is to volunteer. Try it first with an agency in your community. Then, if that enhances your newly active life, sign up to help somewhere for a week or more in another city, and eventually in another country.

Good luck in your new, active sunset/sunrise years!

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