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Q: We stayed in a hotel near Times Square recently, and even for $300 a room, we couldn’t get any sleep. All night long we heard honking horns, loud music and yelling people. When we complained, the desk clerk just shrugged and said it’s normal for New York. Suggestions? FMS, Dresher PA

A: Consider basic rules on future visits. If your hotel is on a busy city street, get a room as high up as possible and facing away from the street. Avoid rooms next to elevators and over/under restaurants/meeting/show rooms.

You can also block out much of the noise. Use earplugs or sound-reducing earphones. Listen to soothing music, read an audio book or watch an interesting TV show. If hallway noise is loud, stuff a big towel along the bottom of the room door.

If the situation is impossible, call and request another room. Finally, you may be able to avoid all the noise when checking in by asking the front desk clerk to put you in the least noisy room. It may help to cite your advanced age, physical problems, etc. Then, again....maybe not.


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