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I like the convenience of a rental car after a flight, but the fees, insurance, city parking and other add-ons just keep going up. Last time I rented, it cost me more than $70 a day. Considering everything, what’s your opinion on the best way to get to the city from the airport? GLP, Houston TX

A: Of course, when on company expense account and/or you need to drive to different locations when in your destination city for several days, a rental car was the best choice. However, if you just need to go once from airport to hotel with no need to drive anywhere, today many airport-to-city train and bus services are best. You may also try to negotiate with taxi and limo drivers at the airport for the one-way ride to the city. Once there, you can use economic public transportation to get around.

For car rental insurance, before the trip, consult with your agent to buy travel coverage, and always keep proof of it with you. Then you won’t have to pay the add-on insurance charge each time you rent a car. Compare all anticipated expenses, including rental car fees, gas, insurance, parking and other factors. Then make the most sensible and economical decision on whether to rent a car.

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