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Q: Now in our late 60s, we’re retired empty-nesters and raring to travel. We plan to take several months to see Europe. However, checking hotels in London, Paris, Venice and other potential destinations, we found prices of $500+ a night way over our budget.

An experienced traveler friend suggested we stay in hostels at about 1/4 the cost. We thought those places were just for backpacking youngsters. What’s your opinion? AAR, San Diego CA

A: Reminds us of our own post-retirement travels. Also in our 60s, we did what you’re considering. We backpacked through France, the Netherlands and Belgium. At first, we tried small hotels, and while most were adequate, the $200+ prices were not worth the short, eight-hour stay.

Then we tried hostels, and at first were not too happy. We mingled with kids in their 20s, and had problems about cleanliness, pot smoke, noise and lack of privacy. However, after several hostel experiences, we relaxed into our old GI barracks attitude. It was actually enjoyable trading stories and ideas with travelers two generations younger.

As for economy, we paid $50 or less a night at hostels, and often had free do-it-yourself breakfasts in the kitchen. We recommend you try the hostel experience for a night or two, along with some hotel stays, until you decide on whether you’ll do more hosteling.

Check websites and other resources that regularly post current reviews, ratings, prices and recommendations about hostels in areas you plan to travel. A few suggestions:
www.hostelworld.com/Europe www.ricksteves.com/travel-tips/.../europes-hostels


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