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We travel frequently, and when we need them, we always hail taxicabs. Now, we are confused because of the publicity about the two companies that hire independent car owners to pick up passengers. Is it better or worse? Does it cost less or more? What is the real story? EFL, London UK

A: Of course, regular taxi companies are mad as hell about the growing competition. To get immediate info, go to official websites of both Uber and Lyft. Learn about their services worldwide and in your area. If there’s a chance you’ll consider them, then go to independent websites that reveal personal experiences with the services, legal issues and other current factors.

We can’t comment intelligently here because good and bad info continues to make the news, and both Uber and Lyft services keep evolving. In our limited experience, their pricing isn’t that much different from traditional cab costs, especially during major sports and entertainment events in major cities.

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