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Hey, your website runs frequent articles advising senior women about making new connections on singles cruises and other travels. How about some info for retired bachelors, divorced guys and widowers who want to get back into the travel social scene? PRMc, USMC (Retired) Waco TX

A: We at travel4seniors.com weren’t aware that we excluded male readers on affairs of the wandering senior’s heart. If guilty, we’ll try to make amends here with a few quick hints.

1. Cruises: Do some digging. Cruise lines, internet and travel agencies offer countless listings about upcoming sailings and other travel deals that fit your request. In fact, by signing up for a cruise exclusively for senior singles, you’ll be happy with the statistics in guy vs gal favor. The average percentage aboard can be 30 males to every 70 females. For example, check out singles-only river cruises in interesting parts of the world at www.vikingrivercruises.com

2. Senior Group Travel: In addition to a cruise only, sign up for a cruise-land combo package. This can bring out your explorer chops, and schedules can bring together singles with similar interests. Check on offers: AARP travel.aarp.org, and Road Scholar www.roadscholar.org

3. Volunteer Vacation: Consider spending some of your post-retirement travel time helping others, While doing it, you’ll very likely work with admirable senior women pursuing the same humanitarian efforts.

There are many world organizations that will appreciate your lifetime skills in volunteer projects that last from a couple of days to several months. Among the many are www.volunteerhq.org and Habitat For Humanity at www.habitat.org


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